Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hey fam.,
So this will be weird the next time i talk to you it will be in person. Wow im starting to get nervous. But yeah so sounds good. Yeah i wont lie i did a horrible job of writing in my journal. I tried to write down all of the important events but as for everyday writing i did pretty bad on that. But Yeah got the garments like one or two weeks ago i cant remember. And i should be good with money, im going to eat soooooooooo many tacos this week so if i come back like 20 pounds heavier, thats the cause. And for suitcases im should be bringing home like 1 big one, one medium size, and a littler one. So plan for three. And for food i dont care just what ever of course i have the things i would like you to make later but for the feast just whatever. All i know is if you could have some cookies, or cinnamon rolls, or brownies with marshmallows and frosting, Anyways something like that would be sweet. Hasta la vista, See you in a week. Love you guys. Later

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