Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hey fam.,
So this will be weird the next time i talk to you it will be in person. Wow im starting to get nervous. But yeah so sounds good. Yeah i wont lie i did a horrible job of writing in my journal. I tried to write down all of the important events but as for everyday writing i did pretty bad on that. But Yeah got the garments like one or two weeks ago i cant remember. And i should be good with money, im going to eat soooooooooo many tacos this week so if i come back like 20 pounds heavier, thats the cause. And for suitcases im should be bringing home like 1 big one, one medium size, and a littler one. So plan for three. And for food i dont care just what ever of course i have the things i would like you to make later but for the feast just whatever. All i know is if you could have some cookies, or cinnamon rolls, or brownies with marshmallows and frosting, Anyways something like that would be sweet. Hasta la vista, See you in a week. Love you guys. Later

Monday, December 14, 2009

Hey hey hey!!!
YEah sorry about last week just ran out of time. We went and played some football though. It was fun i feel better than new so i thought i could handle it. YEah so last week we had the ward christmas party it was alright not many people went but we had fun. No baptisms yet but we should be having one soon. I got hit with a cold pretty good this last week yeah cant seem to control the snot and sneezing. ANd the 12th of december is the day of the virgin and people come from all over the world to go to the basilica which is a huge cathedral dedicated to her. Yeah its crazy like they go parading literally all day until late at night and then they go worship her. So it gets crazy cause they are hundreds of thousands of people that take part in it and the basilica is pretty close to my area and so the parade came through and yeah i pretty much thought that they were going to get stoned but nothing happened.BUt the work is really hard around that time cause most middle age and older people participate. SO im convinced that this is the biggest city in the world and the most contaminated. Maybe thats why i got sick and i forgot to take pictures of it the pollution was so thick that you couldnt see more than probably five hundred yards. ANyways i didnt get the packages yet im hoping soon though and for the call i think i might try getting a members phone number cause thats prob. why that last one got used so fast cause is was straight to the cel phone. But yeah thats all i have hope you all have a great week and that you are in the christmas mood. Love you later

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Yeah so i didnt get to go to internet yesterday but yeah thanks for everything. Im sure i will love the package. So today we had changes i have a new comp. elder briones from guadalajara. He is way cool so we should have a good fun and successful change. Not much went on this week other than a baptism we had of a girl her name is cinthya, her mom was an inactive member but we started teaching the kids and now things are going really good. The son still wants a few weeks but he will get baptized. Im excited for this change. Other than that not really anything going on.But i love you guys have a great week bye..

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hey fam.,
Well things sound good there. Thats cool that you got to see ross and trever. Yeah im pretty sure i wont have an accent i probably speak more english than im supposed to but then again it is a part of the missionary prog here to teach our comps english and its hard to pick up an accent here cause you get accents from all over mexico even here in d.f. there are like two different accents. So sorry about that ill have a gringo accent. As for the weight thing nope im pretty much still the same weight. I lost all of my muscle which got replaced by fat we dont eat what you would call very healthy. I probably have lost some hair actually i think i have, this mission thing gets a little stressful sometimes. Yeah sorry about the picture thing. Ill try to get some to you. Does ross have an accent? This week we had a baptism of a little girl lined up but her mom left the house a day before she got baptized and said that she wouldnt come back if she got baptized. So we are working really hard with her mom to try and help her understand and feel the importance of the true gospel. She is baptist. Other than that not much this week except they had a primary program. It was cool. I miss those i think in my mission i have only seen one or two i cant remember. But yeah so this week is thanks giving huh? whats evrybody doing? I hope its a way cool thanks giving. I love you guys. O and if you havent sent a package yet could you throw something special in there for my comp. I dont know whatever you think something that he could keep for a while. Or if not ill buy him something here. Whatever let me know. Well hasta luego. Bye

Monday, November 16, 2009

Hey fam.,
Guess what? Yep im back in the field. I got moved to a new area thats straight hills. Its cool though i feel good. My new comp is elder barrera he is from oaxaca(pronounced wahaca), mexico. He is way cool and he only has 3 months in the field. Ive had the chance to listen to every one of the area presidency in the last month. It was pretty cool. Things are going good and just trying to get my walking endurance back up cause for those three weeks i hardly did anything. The members are really cool here but they dont get along real well so we will have to do some activities or something so they can learn to get along. Thanks for all of the prayers. Ummm as for the b day and christmas thing. Huh i dont know just buy me something so i can open it when i get back. Or whatever you want. Well not much else to say except i love you guys and hope you have a fun. Week. Hast luego les queiro mucho. Bye

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hey fam. well still here in the offices not really doing anything. It sounds like i wont be going back to my area that i was in before this happened, i was hoping to be comps. with elder johnson. Thats crazy about that elder in elder curtis' mission. Well i pretty much polished off the laffy taffys. Yeah thats what it will do to me being in the offices i have nothing else to do so i just eat. And then i shared a lot of them. We had some elders stay here while they practiced to play some special hymns for an area seventy that came. We had a three day conference with him differents zones everyday but since i was with the secretaries they went to two of them. They were really good. Learned that love is really important in every aspect of life and that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us more than we can understand. That hard work and determination can help us achieve any goal. And that if we pray specifically if it is something just that our prayers will be answered. O and ill be flying into sky harbor right? Theyll be ordering my ticket soon, so this would save them a phonecall.(if you could respond as soon as you can with the answer) Well i think thats all that i have to say so i guess ill talk to you later. Have a great week and dont forget to study your scriptures. They strengthen our testimonies and help us in our everyday life. Love you all. Later.
O and ross should be home in like a week shouldnt he? Please give him a hug for me and tell him i didnt get a letter to him.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hey fam. What up?
So you got some snow huh? Thats cool it has been raining like no other here. Its been pretty chilly as well.Yeah so not much going on here im in the offices of the mission. Yeah so i dont even know whats going on in the area. I saw president fuentes today and he didnt tell me when i would be going back to the field. Im here in the offices with two elders elder campbell and elder vary. They had a baptism friday that i got to witness. But other than that i havent had any baptisms. Im stuck here with three pairs of clothes and thats it. So i wash about every two days. But other than that i have nothing to say. O yeah and there is an english ward that i attended this week i got to bare my testimony in english, that was interesting. But i love you guys so much and keep working hard. Have an awesome week. Later